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Pick Up/Delivery November 25-29

Egg Cups

 Three egg cups filled with smoked turkey sausage, peppers, and onion. $5 

Calories:290     Protein:26 Fat:18     Net Carbs:3 FP:1


Birthday Cake Protein Pancakes

Two housemade protein pancakes served with two slices of turkey bacon and sugar free syrup.  $5

Calories:305     Protein:16 Fat:6     Net Carbs:32 FP:8


Buffalo Chicken Bake

 Whole wheat penne, shredded chicken, minced celery and carrots, bleu cheese, and buffalo sauce.

$7 (No omissions)

Calories:400     Protein:39 Fat:15    Net Carbs:29 FP:9


Vegetable Plate

 A combination platter of “fried” cabbage, green bean casserole, and pinto beans served with a jalapeno cornbread muffin.

$7 (May omit cornbread)

Calories:405     Protein:18 Fat:13     Net Carbs:34 FP:9


Smoked Turkey Sausage & Veggies

  Grilled smoked turkey sausage on top of couscous served with mixed vegetables (zucchini, peppers, and red onion).

$7 (No omissions)

Calories:310    Protein:21 Fat:7     Net Carbs:33 FP:6


Chicken Salad Plate

 A “light” chicken salad made with celery and red onion served with crackers, cucumbers, and carrots.

$7 (No omissions)

Calories:300     Protein:20 Fat:12     Net Carbs:20 FP:5


Sun Dried Tomato Chicken

 Marinated and grilled chicken breast, brown rice, and broccoli.

$7 (No omissions)

Calories:310     Protein:41 Fat:5   Net Carbs:18 FP:3


Ideal Dessert  $5

(Calories & Macros are per serving)


Protein Rice Crispy Treats

 Three protein rice crispy treats drizzled in dark chocolate. (3 Servings)

Calories:150     Protein:9 Fat:7     Net Carbs:5

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